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What Is The Distinction Of A Charter School Vs Private And Public Schools?

It has been said that charter schools are the perfect blend between public and private education. In fact, charter schools are actually privately-run public schools. Each charter school enters into a contract or "charter" with the state to receive state funds to educate Arizona students. The "charter" specifies a specific educational philosophy and curriculum that the school will provide. As a charter school, we receive funding directly from the state of Arizona, so families pay no tuition. However, since charter schools are public schools, they must provide special education services and they cannot provide religious education. Arizona statues free charter schools from many of the bureaucratic regulations associated with the government-run public schools, allowing charter schools to be more agile and innovative.

How Does Pointe Define Bully Free Zone And What Are Schools Doing To Maintain This?

Bullying is absolutely not tolerated at any Pointe school. Our faculty and staff take every opportunity to ensure that students understand how to treat each other with respect and dignity. We provide supervision during recess, lunch and during transition times and vigorously investigate any reports of bullying. Students who are found to be harassing or bullying other students are given consequences in accordance with the student conduct code. Students who continue to engage in bullying will be expelled.

Who Pays For School?

As a public charter school, we receive money from the state of Arizona. We also receive some federal grants.

How Long Has Pointe Schools Been In Operation?

North Pointe Preparatory opened its doors in 2001. Canyon Pointe Academy opened in August of 2002 and Pinnacle Pointe Academy opened in September of the same year.

How Many Instructional Assistants Are There In A Classroom?

The kindergarten classes each have on instructional assistant. Our other instructional assistants work with classes and students on an 'as needed' basis.

Is There P.E. Everyday?

Fitness is one of the specials that every class has on a rotation basis. Students can plan on having fitness twice during most weeks. 

Is There Homework?

Yes, students will have math and reading homework beginning in Kindergarten. Although the curriculum at each grade is designed to prepare our students for college, it remains developmentally appropriate. The faculty works hard to balance rigorous academic expectations with the well-rounded student's need for extracurricular involvement and time with family and friends.

How Does Pointe Teach Reading?

We use the phonics-based Spalding program in the elementary grades. This highly structured program equips students with the tools necessary to become excellent readers. Because it uses all of the child's senses in the process of learning to read, Spalding is also known as "The Writing Road to Reading."

What Services Are Available For Students With Special Needs?

We provide services to students with special needs. We passionately believe in utilizing inclusion, the philosophy that students with special needs should remain with their peers as much as possible. As a public school, we offer the full continuum of services as needed for our students' progress in the general curriculum. At the time, however, none of our schools has a full-day resource room on campus.

Is After School Care Available?

Canyon provides after school athletic, art and club programs.

Does Pointe Provide Transportation?

Yes, our fee based bus service allows parents to drop off and pick up a Prep student at either of the elementary schools and to drop off and pick up Canyon students at the Prep.

How Many Students Are In A Class?

Most of our classrooms are designed for 30 students.