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Parent Volunteerism

Parent Volunteerism

While many schools rely upon fundraising as a way to increase opportunities for students, Canyon Pointe utilizes Parent Volunteerism so budgets can be spent on student activities rather than additional staffing. The hundreds of hours that our parents/guardians volunteer each school year allows us to provide your children with the experiences that are essential to their development. In addition to the investment of time, parents/guardians who participate on our campus provide us valuable insights and become a contributing part of our community.

Please consider where you could personally invest your time as a part of our community.

We will be holding parent volunteer training each month for parents who wish to volunteer. This training is mandatory for each volunteer that is on campus. We also have volunteer projects that can be completed at home.  All volunteers must hold a Level One IVP Fingerprint Clearance card.

Ongoing volunteer opportunties that we would like to fill for the 2019-2020 school year include:

  • Lunch Parent - hand out lunches to the students from 11:00 - 12:30

  • Room Parent - coordinate volunteer activities for each classroom with the teacher (can be primarily done off campus via electronic communications)

  • Front Office - assist with various front office tasks particularly at busy times of the day

  • Classroom Helpers - various tasks at different times in arrangement with the classroom teacher

    All volunteers are required to provide 24 hours notice and be approved by administration prior to assisting on campus.

    Volunteer Appreciation

    We have instituted several ways to say thank you to our volunteers.

    When you volunteer the following hours, you can earn the following rewards:

  • 5 hours = Canyon Pointe water bottle

  • 10 hours = Canyon Pointe lanyard

  • 20 hours = Special Canyon Pointe Star Volunteer T-Shirt

  • 40 hours = reimbursement for a fingerprint clearance card

    Field Trip Policy for Volunteers

    Priority for field trips goes to parents who have fingerprint clearance card.

    Parents can volunteer for ONE field trip in a school year if they do not have a fingerprint card. However, if other parents who have fingerprint cards volunteer, the parent without the fingerprint card will not able to attend the field trip.