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4941 W Union Hills Dr
Glendale, AZ, 85308
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This year's Stations will feature presentations highlighting our theme, Be A Moment or BAM! Our lives are made up of moments that when connected reveal who we are and determine what our lives look like. This process doesn’t begin at a certain age, it starts the day we are born.


Each of these 'it just so happened moments' can be represented in a Jenga piece being added to the stack. Every time a new piece is added our reality is altered and that moment becomes a part of our story. Some of these moments are incredible and some of these moments are regretful. But they are all moments that make up who we are.


And, as with the Jenga game, pull out just one of those moments and our story is not what it is today. This year's Station talks will focus on inspiring each of us to Be A Moment in someone else's life. To say or do something that will alter their reality and move their story in a positive direction. Often, this will be as simple as an encouraging word or a random act of kindness. Other times though, this could be like a moment when the super hero appears on the scene and saves the day.