Canyon Pointe Is More Than Just Another School in Glendale/North Phoenix Area

At Canyon Pointe, we openly acknowledge that our passion for excellence in athletics and the arts, along with our zeal in providing experiences where life-long relationships and memories can be created, is equal to our commitment to academic achievement. We believe students are only fully prepared for life after middle school after they have been involved in a broad range of rich school experiences.

Our culture anchored in the core belief that a motivated student, who wants to be here, will learn!

Calendar of Events for 2019-2020 School Year

The Station

This year’s Stations will feature presentations highlighting our theme, “ALL IN”.


Leave Your MARK

Character development is at the very core of Canyon Pointe’s culture. It’s woven throughout the curriculum, encouraged in athletics, arts and activities and demonstrated during Canyon Cares events. Students are challenged to realize that every thought, every word and every action is leaving their MARK.

  • Make an Impact – Become a person who serves others.
  • Accept New Challenges – Become a person who takes risks.
  • Release Positivity – Become a person who encourages others.
  • Keep Your Focus – Become a person who makes good decisions.

Extracurricular Participation Policies

Canyon Pointe’s extracurricular activities are designed to provide students experiences where life-long relationships and memories can be created. Students participating in Canyon’s Pointe’s extra-curricular activities must demonstrate respect and cooperation. Students who demonstrate disruptive behavior will not be permitted to participate in activities. Students and parents agree to abide by the Canyon Pointe’s Extracurricular Participation Policies which appear in the Student Handbook.

Activity Dress Code

The dress code may be modified by administration for certain activities including, but not limited to, dress down days.