First Grade in Glendale AZ

Nothing is more important than the fundamentals. The education your child receives in first grade is the foundation for everything they’ll learn in the future. That’s why Canyon Pointe Academy puts special emphasis on first-grade education. We not only prepare your child for foundational concepts across a full curriculum, but we also make sure they develop the leadership and community skills they will need to be successful as part of our community in North Phoenix and Glendale Area.

Our first grade teacher, Rachael Hallas, is attuned to the needs of budding minds and take the time to make sure every child gets the attention they deserve. They have broad experience teaching in schools in Glendale and Peoria, AZ and know what it takes to instill a passion for learning in kids at a young age.

  • Math: Math topics covered include strategies for addition and subtraction, counting sequences, place value, grouping in tens and ones through 100, telling time and coin identification by name and value. The goal is to give students a practical foundation for math as part of their everyday lives.

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  • Literacy and Language Arts: Our first grade literacy program is comprised of three main components: reading, writing and word study. Our program teaches skills and strategies for decoding, visual memory of sight words and comprehension/fluency through reading immersion. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of proper language skills, as a foundation to more difficult concepts.
  • Science: The science curriculum is composed of exploration and experimentation of topics, including studying organisms, life cycles, properties of objects and materials, properties/changes of the earth and objects in the sky. Hands-on opportunities get kids excited about science and spark curiosity for the world around them.
  • Social studies: Through the study of civics, geography, economics, and history, our students will understand how a community functions and how each member contributes to the community for the common good. Democratic principles, important American symbols and historical figures, and participation in government are introduced.
Hallas, Rachael

Rachael Hallas

First Grade Teacher
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