Fourth Grade in Glendale AZ

At Canyon Pointe Academy, we understand fourth grade as a pivotal time in a child’s young educational career. It’s a time to solidify foundational elements of education while introducing bolder concepts and higher-level thinking. We see it as a prime time to help our students get on the fast track for school in Glendale/North Phoenix area.

Our fourth-grade teacher is Philip Haight. He’s attuned to the needs of developing scholars and familiar with the concepts needed to take them from elementary learners to students ready for schools in Glendale and Peoria, AZ. His fourth-grade curriculum leads students to increasingly complex and advanced concepts with increasing levels of personal and independent responsibility.

  • Math: Students review concepts from third grade while being introduced to the concept of abstract thinking within math strategies. These skills include two-digit by two-digit multiplication and long division. Other concepts our kids focus on include adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, fractions on a number line and advanced geometry skills.
  • Literacy and Language Arts: Students review and learn various skills and strategies for reading comprehension, fluency, spelling mastery, vocabulary, and grammar structure. In addition to this curriculum, students will complete four novel studies during the year to explore themes, characters, and plot. The primary goal of the curriculum is to develop and improve fluency.
  • Science: Students learn to analyze and interpret data to develop models on a vast array.
  • Social studies: Students will study the Americas (North, Central, and South America along with the Caribbean Islands) using an integrated approach while developing skills for effective examination of primary and secondary sources including written and oral histories, images, and artifacts. Many thematic units tying together English Language Arts and Social Studies are explored.
Group Activities

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Philip Haight

Fourth Grade Teacher
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