Glendale/North Phoenix Area Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the perfect bridge between the sensory adaptation of toddlers and the beginning of formal learning. At Canyon Pointe Academy, we see kindergarten as an opportunity to get kids excited about learning and introduced to the structure of a formal school day as expected in Glendale/North Phoenix area.

Our kindergarten teachers are Kathy Reynolds and Patricia Thrailkill-Simmons. They have a passion for early childhood education and are well-qualified to help introduce children to the structured curriculum they’ll experience for the next decade of their lives. They have experience teaching in elementary schools in the greater Greater Phoenix and Glendale area and their curriculum covers a broad range of early childhood education focuses.

  • Math: As a formal introduction to the concept of math, students will count by 1s and 100s, skip count, and practice addition and subtraction skills. Students will further explore patterns, fractions, and measurement. These basics skills will serve to make kids comfortable with numbers from an early age.
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  • Literacy and Language Arts: Kindergarten students explore phonics, reading, spelling, parts of speech and components of writing. We encourage students to be expressive, using words and language to communicate their ideas thoroughly.
  • Science: Students will research plant life cycles, various animals including dinosaurs, and the solar system. Students will explore rocks and weather. We believe in teaching the concept of “science all around us” to spark an interest in learning, showing students that everything offers the opportunity for discovery.
  • Social studies: Students will research community helpers, understand themselves as individuals, and learn about the environment around them. Students will also delve into holidays and traditions around the world. We strive to create a diverse understanding of the world and the many different types of people in it.

Kathy Reynolds

Kindergarten Teacher
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Patricia Thrailkill-Simmons

Kindergarten Teacher
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For more information about the kindergarten curriculum at Canyon Pointe Academy or to inquire about enrollment for your child, please contact us today at 602-896-1166. We look forward to helping your child grow and develop a zeal for learning!

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