Second Grade in Glendale/North Phoenix Area

By second grade, the students at Canyon Pointe Academy are well on their way to establishing a passion for learning. Our public charter school in Glendale/North Phoenix area teaches them to embrace early concepts and build on them, so they stay focused on education and ahead of their peers. Concepts learned at the second-grade level build on what your child already knows, bridging the gap to more advanced concepts.

Maricela Moreno is our second-grade teacher. She has great experience teaching students at public charter schools in Glendale/North Phoenix area, and takes the time to empower each child in a way suited to their learning style. Her curriculum covers the essentials, preparing kids for the next step on their road to advanced education in the Pointe School System.

  • Math: Second-grade math topics studied include addition and subtraction, number sentences, place value, telling time and coin value. The students will also use critical thinking skills to decipher and understand various graph types and apply them to real-world situations.
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  • Literacy and Language Arts: Our literacy program includes strategies and skills in reading and writing, with an emphasis on understanding the elements of each. Students will explore fiction and nonfiction texts while focusing on sight words, grammar, comprehension, and fluency.
  • Science: Students will engage in lessons involving systems of the human body including digestive and respiratory functions. Second-graders will do experiments, learn about life cycles, weather, and properties of matter. We strive to provide a hands-on curriculum that keeps students engaged and excited about learning.
  • Social studies: Students will explore American history, symbols, and world history. Students will also learn skills related to map utilization, timelines and how economics plays a role in our world. Students will research topics in government and geography to demonstrate their understanding.

Maricela Moreno

Second Grade Teacher
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For more information about the second-grade curriculum at Canyon Pointe Academy or for more information about student enrollment, contact us today at 602-896-1166. We relish the opportunity to help your child get the foundation they need for a lifetime love of learning.

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