Sixth Grade in Glendale, AZ

Sixth grade is the final grade level at Canyon Pointe Academy. This last level is our final opportunity to prepare kids for the middle and high-school levels of school in Glendale/North Phoenix area. Our curriculum introduces students to the concepts they’ll face in school, as they continue to build on foundational knowledge with high-level concepts.

Our sixth graders are taught by Terry Holthusen. Her approach to teaching for schools in the Glendale and Peoria, AZ area is one that instills confidence in every student, so they’re mentally prepared for the next step of their educational career. She helps students celebrate the culmination of one chapter of their education and develop the skills and confidence to embrace the next one. As a result, sixth-graders graduating from Canyon Pointe Academy are well-equipped with advanced knowledge across all areas of their educational focus.

  • Math: Students will understand the number system and order of operations, as well as the structure of expressions, equations, and their proper terminology. Our students explore higher-level math concepts usually reserved for middle and high-school levels, including geometry, ratios and proportional relationships, statistics and probability.

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  • Literacy and Language Arts: As part of developing a love of language, our students analyze literature, engage in collaborative discussions by using effective and appropriate speaking and listening skills, and demonstrate mastery of grade-level conventions. Sixth graders will have an ingrained understanding of advanced grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Students will structure, draft and write argumentative and explanatory pieces that include evidence to support ideas.
  • Science: Science is a cornerstone of our sixth-grade curriculum. Students will explore the inquiry process through experimentation. Students will study three main
    areas: solids, liquids, and gas; the night sky and planets; and the interdependence of organisms and the environment. The culmination of this year of scientific learning is our 3 day ScIsland trip to Catalina Island where we study constellations, ocean animals, and island plants
  • Social studies: Students will research early civilizations to glean a better understanding of how modern society has evolved from them. Focuses include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and the Renaissance and Reformation periods. Students will also explore and apply geography and mapping skills.
Holthusen, Terry

Terry Holthusen

Sixth Grade Teacher
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