Third Grade in Glendale, AZ

At the third grade level, many children begin developing their social identities and become more conscious of the concepts they’re learning. This is a pivotal time in childhood education—one that we take very seriously at Canyon Pointe Academy. Our third grade curriculum is designed to engrain core concepts and introduce advanced learning to students, pushing them to succeed in an environment that’s accommodating and rewarding.

Our third grade instructor is Michael Kotyk. His teaching experience allows him to interact with students at a level they understand, and that empowers them to do their best. Students are exposed to advanced elements of math, language arts, science, and social studies.

  • Math: We strive to help our kids get ahead of the math curricula taught in other elementary schools in Glendale/North Phoenix area. Third graders are introduced to word problems and multi-step problems, as well as contextual math in real-world applications. They’ll build on graphing learned in second grade to further understand the relationship of data and presentation.Children Running
  • Literacy and Language Arts: Our third grade students will focus on conceptualizing and explaining ideas through writing, creating short stories and explanations rife with detail and context. We’ll focus on reading comprehension through a number of short stories, meant to stimulate understanding of stories and their messages.
  • Science: Third grade science is all about the experimental process while learning about plant and animal systems, energy and our Sun, and how light/sound waves work. Emphasis is on developing questions and carrying out investigations to get answers to scientific questions.
  • Social studies: Students in third grade get to explore Arizona from prehistoric times to the present. Included in this exploration are studies about the Native American tribes of Arizona, Structure of the state and local governments, and their roles and responsibilities as citizens of Arizona. Field trips exploring Arizona are an important part of third grade social studies.
Kotyk, Michael

Michael Kotyk

Third Grade Teacher
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